Geek Girl Strong 1up Wellness Challenge

By Geek Girl Strong (other events)

Sun, Feb 4 2018 12:00 AM Sat, Feb 10 2018 11:59 PM

The annual pay what you want Geek Girl Strong event!

Each year the GGS community gets together all over the world to 1up our health & wellness goals.
Join us for our 3rd challenge!

Want to get moving and/or eating better but not sure where to start?

Need someone to remind you to do something for yourself?

Did your New Year's resolution recently lose its ease/motivation? (What happened?!)


In this challenge you'll...

>> Work with Geek Girl Strong Founder - Robyn Warren
Physical Education, B.S.
Health Education, M.S. Ed.
ACE Certified Health Coach

>> Get daily emails sent right to your inbox with a new challenge each day

>> Create healthy habits that make sense to you

>> Get an invitation to the LIVE 1up Wellness Challenge Online Master Class

>> Become a member of the growing Geek Girl Strong community

>> Gain access to an established
(over 100 members!) closed Facebook group

>> Do something for you that can help improve all other areas of your life


During the master class we'll meet at the round table (webinar style) with the Geek Girl Strong League of Extraordinary Women. You'll get to ask any questions you have, and there will be opportunities for you to add even more to your utility belt! (*Whispers* Raffles, there will be raffles.)


Join us and bring a little wellness and magic into your life…
get your ticket for this year's online challenge, today!


Note: Private groups are for those who's gender pronouns include she/her/hers, they/them/theirs.